German Physiks: HRS-130

החל מ


The HRS-130 loudspeaker is a higher performance version of our popular HRS-120. Not only have significant improvements been made to the sound quality, but the cabinet has been restyled to give a smoother look, enabling the HRS-130 to blend more easily in to the room. The improved look is enhanced by a new, luxurious high-polish polyester finish, which is available in black or white.

“Of all the music genres I tried, it shone brightest with classical. Here, its clean, open and natural sound – almost wholly devoid of colouration – was a revelation. The superb London Symphony by Ralph Vaughn Williams was an unalloyed pleasure, as the HRS-130 played majestically to all its strengths. What amazed me was its sheer resolution of the depth and breadth of the concert hall, with all the air and space inside it. At high volumes, one could virtually hear a fly land on the fire exit door handle. As the music began, the orchestra’s unique sound was beautifully carried, and the music had a brooding, almost menacing quality as it built up to a crescendo. The timbre of acoustic instruments was a joy, as was the way the piece pushed along in a clearly rhythmic way. Dynamic accents sometimes felt like firecrackers going off, such was the intensity of the listening experience.” (StereoNET, September 2021)


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