PSVANE Acme 300B


PSVANE Acme 300B


משפופרות ה-300B הטובות ביותר שיוצרו אי-פעם


The Psvane ACME series has been designed with the intention of surpassing the well-known classics in the world of tubes, no matter whether NOS or new production

With the ACME series you get tubes that have been built with the most modern technology and manufacturing techniques
Sonically, they leave the barriers of historical designs behind and offer a breathtaking spatial depth and resolution down to the finest details. Voices remain vivid and every instrument in the body of sound is locatable. Even under the heaviest loads, the sound remains defined, crystal clear and always harmonious without ever losing its natural warmth



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מחיר לזוג: 5,200 ש"ח